Frequently Asked Questions

What is a V5/Logbook?

Your V5C, also known as a car log book, is proof that you are the registered keeper of the stated vehicle. This only means that you’re responsible for registering and taxing the vehicle, not that you necessarily legally own the car.
The V5C form evidences that the car is registered with the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA). It contains all the essential information about your car, such as the name and address of the registered keeper, the date it was first registered, number of previous registered keepers, the car’s Make and Model, colour and engine size.

How long does it take to collect my car?

Usually we offer same day collection however it can take a maximum of 48 hours for us to collect your car.

I have received a better quote from another company?

Please note that there are no hidden costs or collection charges when you transact with us. Other buyers might offer you a generous quote, but charge you more at the time of collection ( admin fees/collection charge)
Please let us know what you’ve been offered. We will try to match or Even Beat that quote.

What to do with my Car Insurance?

You can cancel your car insurance as soon as the car has been collected. If you cancel your insurance before the car is collected, then it is illegal for you to use it on the public highway. If you are replacing your old car with a new one, you should contact your insurance company as they may be able to replace the vehicle on the policy or issue a refund.

Can I scrap my van?

Yes, You can scrap your Van

How long is my quote valid for?

All quotes are valid for 14 days.

What We Pay

We will pay the best price for your car van up to £5,000.

Complete all the legal requirements ( DVLA Paperwork ) & remove your vehicle at a time convenient for you.

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