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Please note: If you do supply us with wrong contact details or a wrong phone number then it is very unlikely we will be able to buy your car as we won’t be able to get in touch with you!!

Computer cannot give you a fair and accurate valuation of your vehicle this is not an automated service such as you will find on many other websites. Such automated services will either give you false hope with an inflated price or disappointment with a price well below what you consider to be fair and accurate.

Your privacy is important to us that’s why we promise not to pass on, sell, lend or otherwise transmit your details to any third party, either now or in the future, without your specific, written consent in advance.


What We Pay

We will pay the best price for your car van up to £5,000.

Complete all the legal requirements ( DVLA Paperwork ) & remove your vehicle at a time convenient for you.

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